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Transformation is yours...

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A calming, restorative environment for residents

Our living room, a place to gather...

The living room provides an area to socialize with household members, to attend meetings, to watch some television and, to enjoy some laughter and fun.

We offer a quiet room, a meditation room and a spacious dining room...

Our quiet room is a great area to read, journal and reflect.

Our meditation room provides a loving, safe place to meditate, pray, engage in mindfulness, and to practice yoga, stretching or any other beneficial calming mental and physical activities, such as Tai Chi.

The dining room is spacious and a great place to break bread with fellow house members. Nothing beats a great meal!

As soon as you enter our home.. walk into a welcoming, open foyer, instantly providing a more peaceful state of mind, away from the hustle and bustle...whether it be a long work day, a challenging project or anything else that keeps you busy away from our home.

A great environment for you...

...our large, sunny kitchen is fully-equipped. We have a computer room and a lovely, large backyard to relax in nature.

Beautifully appointed bedrooms... get a good night's sleep and restore your strength or take a mid-day nap.

Newport News, Virginia